Get Active


Dance Marathon is powered by individual people dancing/standing during the course of the marathon and raising funds towards their dancer total throughout the months beforehand. We will have online fund raising resources through  DonorDrive  that will allow teams of dancers to form and individuals to raise money towards their total with easy access to online donation tools that will help them get family members, coworkers, professors, etc. involved in the effort! There will be competitions throughout the year and the marathon for both individuals and teams, along with tons of performances and programs to keep dancers energized. Short term Volunteers are also necessary to help the operation of the marathon.

Be a leader!

The leadership committee consists of two levels of organization – the first being the Executive Board – consisting of 5 members (such as President, VP Internal, VP external, VP Business, VP Communicatiosn), the second level will contain this executive board along with several directors of specific operations (such as Technology, PR, Fund raising, Sponsorship, etc.). This Leadership Committee can consist of anywhere from 13-25 people that are all dedicated to bettering the campus community and lives of children in the community.

After this, there will be several committees underneath the Leadership Committee positions to aid them with accomplishing their tasks. As a whole, Dance Marathon can often be an >200 person organization all working together towards a common cause “For the Kids”. The goal is to have this organization span across all campus organizations and affiliations, to unite the campus.

If you are interested in being a  DIRECTOR , the applications are open from now until March 29th! Get involved and make a difference FTK!