Dancer FAQs

What is Dance Marathon?

Dance Marathon is a student run organization that works year-round to raise money for Duke Children’s Hospital.  The fund-raising effort culminates in a main event, where students come together to celebrate hope.  The main event lasts 16 hours through the night

How can I get involved?

Sign up to be a dancer on  DonorDrive !  Once you’ve signed up, people can donate toward your total on your personal DonorDrive page.  To attend the main event, you must raise $100.

To help out behind the scenes, contact us !

I’m a bad dancer, can I still come?

Dance Marathon is not about showing off your sweet (or unsweet) moves, it’s about coming together For The Kids!  People will be too focused on our cause to notice that you’ve been doing the ‘sprinkler’ for the last 20 minutes.

Do I have to dance the whole time?

No!  The main event will be packed with live music, food, games, sports, and many other ways to celebrate life.  Dancing is encouraged, but not demanded.

How do I raise money?

We are determined to help you meet your fundraising goal.  We will provide opportunities such as canning, letter writing, and online resources.  Asking your family members to donate online is the easiest way to raise your total!