Partner / Sponsor

Student Organization Partnership

Dance Marathon is powered by students, and there is no better way to get students involved and unite the campus than by working with Student Organizations together. I know that everything I learned about leadership and service I learned through the organizations that I am a part of. Dance Marathon is not just one event, it is a year long fund raising and awareness movement, If your organization would like to become a partner with Dance Marathon, we need organizations to help hold events and to participate as teams in fund raising efforts for Dance Marathon.
Have you wanted to hold a successful Philanthropy Event, but don’t know how or can’t seem to get the funds you wanted? If you would like to hold an event in sponsorship of Dance Marathon, we will be able to contribute online personal fund raising resources (which are a HUGE help for raising money), it will go towards your team’s dancer total, our leadership committee will assist you in setting up the event, and you will be recognized based on your contribution level as an organization!

Corporate Sponsorship

When you donate to DMNCSU, you are pledging to make a difference for North Carolina’s sick children. Additionally, your support helps our organization expand leadership opportunities for students on NC State’s campus and increase our reach into the community. Becoming involved with our organization is a mutual partnership and we want to meet your specific needs as a sponsor. DMNCSU can offer a variety of opportunities for your company to become involved with our organization. In addition to our marathon in February, we hold many other events throughout the year where we can promote your company. These events allow your company to meet several hundred dancers. Please know a donation of any size will help Duke Children’s Hospital, as they require significant and broad-based financial support to sustain and expand groundbreaking, life-saving treatment and research, facilities and accessibility.

DMNCSU would like you help. View the 2014 Corporate Sponsorship packet for more information.

For more information, please contact Erica Painter ( ) or Brooks Artis ( ).