Dance Marathon: NCSU

Our Mission:

Dance Marathon unites the students of North Carolina State University and the surrounding community through year-long fundraising opportunities in an effort to benefit children and families who suffer from illness. This endeavor culminates in an event where the students, community, and families dance in celebration of their efforts and in hope to find a cure.


Dance Marathon at NCSU had our first annual marathon in February of 2013, and it was the start of a new tradition.  In our first two years, we have involved hundreds of students and collectively raised over $100,000 for the kids at Duke Children’s Hospital and Health Center.  Approaching our third year, we are preparing to stand for 16 hours, along side our miracle children , to improve the lives of countless Children’s Miracle Network kids, through awareness and fundraising.  Dance Marathon at NCSU will continue to move forward in our fight for the kids by standing for those who can’t.

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